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I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) but my journey to get here has been a long and winding path.

My Story

Change is hard. I learnt that when I was just eight years old and my parents packed our bags and moved us from England to China.


There began a life of movement. I went to five different schools in five different countries, moving every one or two years. The upheaval and emotional impact of these transitions were not discussed much in my family. This meant I often felt adrift, alone and confused.


So why have I continued this lifestyle and moved frequently as an adult?


The difference between child and adult Ruth is that now I am an expert in transitions.


Since I realised that change is the only constant in life and it happens whether we want it or not, I have dedicated myself to getting better at it. I have done a lot of learning, experimented in how I live and benefitted from the guidance of many wise souls.


I have a set of tools and techniques which keep me feeling stable and positive, even when unexpected events happen. Don’t get me wrong - I have bad days. But my toolbox and healthy habits mean I bounce back quicker.


My commitment to learning how to live in alignment with my needs goes hand in hand with my commitment to know myself better.

What kind of coach am I?


Central to my coaching practice is the belief that when we know ourselves better, we can make choices and take actions that truly serve us.


As an example, I discovered a few years ago that I am a Highly Sensitive Person (search ‘HSP’ online to find out more). This means that I feel transitions deeply. I notice the change in light between dusk and nightfall and sometimes feel the emotional impact of it. I need to make time for quiet and stillness every day to sleep well. I am highly attuned to what’s going on around me and pick up on how others are feeling.


I learnt that many HSPs thrive in helping or healing roles so it finally made sense why I have always been compelled to support others. It's a privilege to fulfil this calling as a coach and I would love to talk more about what support you need on your journey. 

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