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Working with Me

You don’t need to be going through a big life change to benefit from coaching. Calm, stable periods can often be the best time to strengthen your resilience. So that when a big change does come along, you’ll be able to stay strong and steady.

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The most important thing to note here is that the goals and content of a coaching partnership are co-created by coach and client.


So it looks different for every person. 

To understand whether coaching might be right for you, below is what I believe makes for a successful coaching partnership. 

Coaching works best when both coach and client are engaged, enthusiastic and committed. But you’re in control - you’re the driver. I’m a helpful passenger, definitely not a back seat driver. I can help you see the roads you could take, but you decide the route. I’ll encourage you to see who or what could support you on the journey but you decide who you let into the car. You decide the speed limit while I make sure you keep moving. And when you reach your destination, you can count on me being on the road side, cheering you on.
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I don’t promise you’ll start to love change and crave more of it. In fact, I don’t promise any specific outcomes because the hard truth is that you’ll get as much out of coaching as you put into it. 

What I promise I will do:

- be fully present with you during our sessions

- listen attentively, with zero judgment

- lovingly hold space to allow you to explore and evolve

- challenge you to try on new perspectives

- hold you accountable for whatever you choose to commit to

- celebrate your wins and help you learn from the challenges

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Location and fees

- For in-person sessions, I am the resident coach at Floripa Yoga and Kitesurf House in Sicily. I work with retreat guests and drop-ins.

- I also coach online, usually via Zoom

- The fee for a one-off session is €60 but most clients subscribe to a block of sessions upfront. I’m happy to talk through the options, including reduced fees for low earners.

"Truth, like love and sleep, resents approaches that are too intense."
W.H. Auden
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